I’ve just had my last post op consultation today with Mr. Ellis and I am sad not to be seeing him again (I hope for a long time). I cannot praise him enough you will be in good hands if you need his help. Since my knee replacement I have been pain free I never thought that would happen I have my life back and I feel like the old me pre osteoarthritis. Mr. Ellis is a thoroughly lovely man, he cares ..... a lot.




Once you have agreed with Simon that surgery is required for your knee problem, he will discuss an appropriate date for surgery. 

Approximately 2 weeks before your surgery is due you will be provided an appointment for the preadmission clinic.  The aim of this clinic is to ensure your safe and timely admission, operation and discharge.

The preadmission clinic appointment is carried out by an experienced nurse who will take a full medical history and then establish which further tests are required to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible.  Orthopaedic patients are routinely screened for MRSA by taking swabs from your skin. 

There is a small chance that the swabs will be positive in which case your surgery will be deferred and you will undergo an eradication programme.  Once clear your surgery can be rescheduled.

Following your preadmission clinic appointment if necessary any medical issues will be discussed with an experienced anaesthetist who will make the final decision as to whether it is safe to go ahead with your surgery at the hospital. 

On occasions the anaesthetist may request extra information from your doctor or instigate further tests.  Whilst this may delay your surgery, it is imperative to minimise the potential risk of surgery to you.

On the rare occasion the anaesthetist is not happy to proceed, Simon's team will get in touch with you and your doctor to explain the next steps – which may mean that you require a referral to another hospital who are able to manage your medical problem or to live with your symptoms if surgery has too higher risk to your health.

When attending the preadmission clinic it is important to bring a list of your current medication, and in particular mention any allergies from which you suffer. 

In addition to drug allergies, other very relevant allergies include latex, shellfish and if you are undergoing joint replacement, metals.  If the preadmission clinic reveals an allergy which is not mentioned in your original letter to your general practitioner, it would be helpful if you could bring this to the attention of Simon's practice manager in addition.

The majority of patients are passed fit and go forward with their surgery as planned.  Once you have been passed fit by the preadmission clinic (and anaesthetist if appropriate) your admission to hospital will go forward as planned.

If you are having a joint replacement, if appropriate you will be provided with preoperative drinks at the preadmission clinic which will need to be taken on the morning of your operation.  The time at which you need to take these drinks will be advised to you by Simon's practice manager the day before your surgery. 

You can eat up to 4 hours before the preoperative drink time and should drink water only up to the preoperative drink time.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Simon's practice management team.