May I on behalf of my wife and myself express our thanks to you for the excellent work you performed in the replacement of her right knee. We feel sure that it was due to your expertise that she is making such a magnificent recovery. 

You and your staff are a great credit to the medical profession which seems to get ''quite a bashing '' nowadays. My wife says she could not have asked for a more friendly and professional group of people to look after her, and asks if you could put it on record her thanks for their dedication.  LC


Self-Pay Fees

If you have significant knee symptoms, the option of seeking an opinion from Simon funded by yourself may be appropriate.  This will allow a rapid assessment of your knee problem and provide direct feedback from an expert knee surgeon giving an opinion about the most appropriate way forward.

An initial consultation with Simon will cost £225.  This will include taking a complete history about your knee problem followed by a clinical examination and a comprehensive letter to you and your general practitioner giving an opinion about the cause of your knee symptoms and a potential plan for management.

If you have already had imaging of your knee or a previous opinion Simon will be grateful if you could ensure that he has the opportunity to review the images and the previous opinion when you are seen in clinic.  His practice manager will be able to request transfer of images to the hospital where you are seen to ensure that Simon has these available.

Sometimes further imaging is required and Simon will discuss the cost of this with you.  The options are to consider funding the imaging yourself or discussing the requirement for further imaging with your general practitioner who could potentially request the images through the NHS and then refer you back to see Simon as an NHS patient.

Should you decide to fund further images privately, Simon will arrange to see you with the results in order to formulate a management plan specific to your knee problem.

If after discussion you decide to go forward with a surgical procedure funded by yourself, the hospitals in which Simon works have packages to cover the surgery you require.  Click here  to access the self-pay price for KIMS Hospital, scroll down to Orthopaedics and click here to obtain the self-pay price for the Spire Alexandra Hospital you will need to contact the hospital to obtain a quote. 

Simon's practice manager will be able to help you with the costs involved.  Should you decide that you are unable to fund the cost of surgery then Simon would suggest that you return to see your general practitioner to ask if they could refer you for surgery to see Simon as an NHS patient through the "Choose and Book" scheme (link to paragraph about nhs treatment).  Simon's practice manager will be able to help you to progress through this route. 

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