I was referred on the NHS to Mr Ellis in November 2015, following an extremely painful and debilitating knee injury, resulting from a hereditary bone condition. 

My experience in his care could not have been better.  I found Mr Ellis to be extremely personable, confident and sympathetic, and quite simply, willing to listen.  He presented a practical solution which required surgery.  Post surgically, Mr Ellis has always been approachable and willing to offer assurance when needed.  I could not have hoped for better and more personal care and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ellis.  I believe his philosophy is to simply offer the best care, whether an NHS or private referral, and this he does.  From my point of view, Mr Ellis simply made my life better and for this, I will always be grateful. JW


NHS - Choose and Book

Although Simon left Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in March 2016 having been a consultant for 20 years, he continues to offer treatment to NHS patients through the "Choose and Book" network at each of the hospitals where he works.

The “Choose and Book” scheme allows your general practitioner to make a referral to Simon through the electronic referral system to either KIMS Hospital or the Spire Alexandra Hospital for you to be seen.  This referral and subsequent treatment is fully funded by your general practitioner and allows Simon to request further investigation which would include scanning of your knee as well as a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and then plan surgical treatment if this proves appropriate.

It should be noted that the “Choose and Book” scheme does not yet allow treatment by physiotherapy without a surgical procedure and if Simon recommends that route, you may need to return to see your general practitioner to discuss the next step.

There is a distinct difference between a “Choose and Book” referral through the NHS pathway and funding treatment yourself.  The NHS referral route allows an initial outpatient consultation at no cost to yourself with Simon and further imaging which may be required to make a definite diagnosis.  In contrast to funding the pathway yourself, the NHS route does take longer for imaging and subsequent review in accordance with the “Choose and Book” pathway.

If following the initial consultation and any imaging required Simon considers that surgery would be the appropriate treatment for you, he will discuss this in detail along with risks and benefits and arranged to send you consent information about the proposed treatment. 

At the time of making a decision to go forward with surgery Simon will discuss a date for treatment based on the NHS pathway and treatment timescale.  It is likely that treatment will be arranged at around 3 months following your initial general practitioner's referral.  Treatment will be provided by Simon in the hospital at which you were seen for consultation.

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