Can you please let Mr. Ellis know that I completed the London Marathon last Sunday in 3hrs 50 minutes and my knee felt very strong throughout - as you know my knee was reconstructed by Mr. Ellis last July. PE


Insured Treatment

Simon is recognised by all of the private healthcare provider insurers to give advice about knee conditions.  You should be aware that although Simon's fees fall within the limits set by your insurer, many policies require you to pay an excess which would be payable directly to Simon in the majority of situations. 

Simon’s practice credit controller, Karen, will contact you directly if this is the case.  It is important to check with your insurers prior to your initial consultation what your policy covers as some policies set limits to what you are entitled to – for example some policies require you to pay for the initial consultation.

If Simon has recommended that you need an MRI scan, it is usually possible to arrange this within a week of your initial consultation and Simon will see you again with the results. During this follow-up consultation Simon will discuss the treatment options with you and if he recommends either injection treatment or surgical treatment generally that should be covered by your insurance policy – but you will need to contact your insurers for authorisation. 

Sometimes physiotherapy is necessary and for the vast majority of insured patients this initial physiotherapy treatment would be covered as part of the referral process – but, again, please check with your insurer first.

If surgery is required, Simon will discuss the procedure with you in detail along with risks and benefits at your follow-up appointment, and arrange to send you further information about the procedure. 

Should a decision be made to go forward with surgery, you will have the opportunity to discuss the timing of surgery with Simon directly and a date for your procedure can be set immediately at the time of your consultation. 

Once again the hospital fees, anaesthetic fees and Simon's surgical fees should fall within the fees acceptable to your insurer.

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