Day of Surgery

As you are having an operation we ask that you do not eat for 6 hours prior to your surgery. Food includes any drinks with milk or sugar and chewing gum.

We do however encourage you to drink water up to 2 hours before your operation. 

If you are being admitted at 7am, we recommend nothing to eat after midnight. When you wake in the morning you should drink water and take your normal medication unless you have been instructed otherwise.   As the operating list starts at 8am unless instructed otherwise, do not drink water after 6am. 

If you are being admitted later in the day then you should have breakfast at 7am and drink plenty of water only up to 11am unless Mr Ellis’ practice manager has contacted you and given instruction to continue drinking later.

Eating where instructed and drinking water are both important as it has been shown that patients who are well hydrated at the time of their operation recover more quickly and generally feel better with less nausea.

If you are having a joint replacement, you will be provided with high carbohydrate drinks when you come to the per-admission clinic if these are not contraindicated for you.  Mr Ellis’ practice manager will contact you to give you the time by which you should drink the preoperative drinks.  It is important that up to that time you continue to drink plenty of water.

It may be that following your admission if there is time the nursing staff will continue to give you water up to 2 hours before your surgery.

In preparation for your admission you should pack a dressing gown and slippers as well as comfortable clothes with loose fitting trousers to go over the bandage around your knee. 

If you are having a knee replacement procedure the staff will encourage you to dress in everyday clothes the morning after your surgery as this has also been shown to enhance patient recovery.  Remember you are not ill, you have had a knee operation to make your knee better.

Each hospital is equiooed with Wifi to allow you to access the internet if you would like to and in addition please bring your mobile telephone for relatives to contact you easily.

On the day of your operation you will be seen by Mr Ellis who will confirm your consent for the procedure and mark your leg.  He will ask you for the number of a member of your family you would like him to contact. 

Generally he will ring them once your procedure is complete to let them know.  He appreciates that your family will be anxious to know you are fine at the earliest opportunity.