Before the day of admission it is helpful for you to have read consent information about your procedure. This information can be downloaded here

As you are having an arthroscopy you will normally only be in hospital for the day. The nursing staff will provide you with a sick certificate prior to discharging you. 

You will leave with a large bandage on your knee which will be removed a few days later at an appointment in the hospital with the nursing staff. It is really important that you continue to do the exercises you were shown in hospital once you get home.

You should take regular painkillers if needed - usually a combination of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol is sufficient. Simon will see you in the ward before you are discharged home. His practice manager will forward you a copy of your operation note and you will be given the operative photographs to keep.

In terms of driving, you should not drive for a week following arthroscopy unless it is your left knee and you have an automatic car which will allow you to drive after 48-hour is. You will be signed off work for 2 weeks.

Simon will see you again at the 2-week post-operative stage when he will check the wound and movement of the knee. If all is well you can return to work at this point. He will also take the opportunity to discuss the findings at the time of surgery.